Latest news:

2024.04.01 Pin-Han awarded scholarship from the Ministry of Education Taiwan for the University of Sydney PhD program

2024.02.29 Yu-Hao and Tsung-Lun gave sort talks in Taiwan-Japan NMR symposium

2023.11.16 Wen-Lin won the first prize of BioITC

2023.08.26 Yu-Hao gave a talk in Glyco26-Galectin satellite meeting

2023.08.23 Yung-Chen gave a talk in ISMAR meeting

2023.07.25 Wen-Lin published another paper in Protein Science

2023.07.16 Welcome master students Shiuan-Ru Chen

2023.06.07 Wu-Shian won a prize the IGS poster competition

2023.05.19 Yung-Chen won the third place in the 27th Taiwan Biophysical Society Meeting Oral Competition

2023.03.22 Yu-Hao awarded 2023 TIGP Rising Star Fellowship

2022.10.01 Welcome new RA Pin-Han Lin

2022.08.01 Welcome master students Pei-Yi Lin, Wan-Yu Shao

2022.07.01 Welcome master students Tsung-Lun Hsieh, Kuan-Wei Wu

2022.07.01 Wellcome Yu-Hao Back~

2022.04.29 Shih-Hui, Wen-Lin, Yung-Chen's paper publisehd in Comm. Biol.

2022.04.25 Wen-Lin's paper published in Protein Science

2021.10.17 Po-Chun won the Taiwan Biochem/MolBiol Meeting Best Poster Award

2021.08.09 Welcome master student Yu-Chen Chen

2021.08.02 Welcome master student Yu-Hsain Wang

2021.08.01 Shih-Hui stays as RA

2021.06.11 Shih-Hui won the Dean's Award of College of Life Sciences

2021.02.01 Wan-Chin starts her PhD life at Univeristy of Zurich

2020.12.18 Shih-Hui is the runner-up in the TMRS annual meeting

2020.09.05 Shih-Hui won the NYCU Biotech Symposium "Most Popular Poster Award"

2020.08.19 Wan-Chin, Ming-Hsuan, and Tsai-Chen's paper published in Int J Mol Sci

2020.07.28 Welcome master student Chia-I Lin

2020.07.07 Welcome master student Wen-Lin Ho

2020.07.06 Welcome master student Jing-Rou Huang

2020.03.30 Yung-Chen awarded 2020 TIGP Rising Star Fellowship

2020.03.24 Tsai-Chen's paper published in Int J Mol Sci

2020.03.06 Yi-Ping, Yung-Chen, De-Chen, Yu-Hao's paper published in Nature Communications

2019.08.05 Welcome master student Shih-Hui Chiou

2019.05.31 Yi-Ping won the third place in the 24th Taiwan Biophysical Society Meeting Oral Competition (JBC Poster Award)

2019.01.17 New webpage!

2018.08.28 Welcome master student Yizhi Lin

2018.07.23 Welcome master student Ming-Hsuan Lee

2018.05.25 Wan-Chin is the runner-up in the 23rd Taiwan Biophysical Society Meeting oral competition

2018.04.12 Wan-Chin won the IBMB Yi Hsun-No thesis competition!

2018.04.02 JBC selects our article into their special collection: Virtual Issue: Amyloids, prions and protein oligomers

2018.03.06 Hao-Ru, Wan-Chin, and Po-Chun's Paper published in the JBC

2017.12.04 Wecome research assistant Po-Chun Chou

2017.10.16 De-Chen won the Best Poster Award in the Tawain-Japan Biomedical NMR Symposium

2017.10.03 Hao-Ru and Tsai-Chen's Paper published in the BBA

2017.10.03 Welcome intern Keng-Sheng Li

2017.09.11 Yu-Hao and De-Chen's Paper published in the JBC

2017.08.01 Hao-Ru and Yu-Hao stay as researsh assistants before their National Service

2017.07.31 Welcome master students Yi-ping Chiu and Ta-wei Yu

2017.07.12 Hao-Ru and Yu-Hao defensed their thesis!

2017.06.05 Welcome intern Simon Oh

2016.09.23 Welcome intern Hao KuoChen

2016.09.20 Paper published in PPL

2016.09.19 Welcome intern Yuon-Chen Sun

2016.09.13 Paper published in Frontiers in Mol. Biol.

2016.09.05 Wecome research assistant Ting Wang

2016.08.26 Paper published in PNAS

2016.08.22 Tsai-chen won the ICMRBS 2016 Young Investigator Travel Award

2016.08.04 Welcome new master student Wan-Chin Chiang

2016.07.26 Wen-ren Chu, Wei-Jie Chen, and Chun-yi Lee defensed their master thesis

2016.07.04 Welcome new master student De-chen Chiou

2016.07.04 Welcome interns Tsung-Hsun Wu、Katie Chang

2016.06.24 Tsai-chen won the TMRS poster award

2016.05.07 Welcome TIGP-IIP intern Shalini Sinha

2015.09.14 Welcome new research assistnat Wen-Han Chang

2015.09.01 RA Tsai-Chen Chen stats her PhD student life

2015.07.31 Farewell Chih-lun, thanks for your contribution to this group. Good luck in DCB

2015.07.29 Master student Hao-Ru Li joins in

2015.07.20 Master student Yu-Hao Lin joins in

2014.10.06 Welcome research assistant Tsai-Chen Chen

2014.10.01 Welcome new member Chun-Yi Lee as master student

2014.09.09 Welcome new member Wei-Jie Chen as master student

2014.08.04 Welcome new member Wei-Ren Chu as master student

2014.07.09 Paper published in Chemical Reviews

2014.05.14 Paper published in JACS

2014.02.27 BioRad NGC Quest 10 Plus installed

2013.12.01 Welcome new member Chih-lun Hsiao as researsh assistant

2013.09.26 AKTA Prime Plus installed

2013.08.01 My life of pi officially starts.